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Thursday, 23 January 2014

kalash 2014 kalash

Adiyen Thasan.,

In Our pachapperumalpatti sundaraja Perumal step up into 4th year  "Sri Sathiyanarayan Pooja"(14.02.2014) February 14 2014 masi 2 in grand manner , up to these pooja more than 105 members of devotees got success .so we expect all other devotees to join these pooja and get god grace soon,pooja timings every month poornima at 6.15pm (evening) before your arrival please inform us for conformation of pooja ,because pooja timing ,date may be vary so please make a call -094420 84316 vijay archagar,these pooja especially for quick marriage,health,peaceful life,

Benefits of Satyanarayana Pooja:

The main person and other participant who had conducted and heard the story gets the blessings of Lord Satyanarayana which could be felt when one gets peace of mind, happiness, prosperity, obstacles removed, gets life saved from sudden danger, obtains knowledge and clear off negativity.

 The puja itself is from the Skanda Purana. Sutha Puranik-ji, a rishi, narrates the story of a group of rishis who were performing a 1,000 year yagya for the general benefit of mankind. They went to Sutha Puranik-ji, and asked him how an individual having an ethical, life affirming desire, could have that desire fulfilled.

Suta explained that the same question was asked by Narada, who was a great rishi and son of Brahma the creator. Narada is a great character who pops up all throughout the Vedic mythology mostly as in instigator who sets events in motion. He has a fine sense of cosmic mischief.

In this story, Narada had been traveling all over the universe and its many worlds and finally came to Earth (Bhuloka). Here he found that so many people were suffering as they lived through their own karmas from past actions. He was filled with compassion for their suffering and went to find Lord Vishnu to ask him what could be done.

Vishnu and Narada are great friends, and Vishnu asked Narada what he could do for him. Narada explained that there is a special puja called Satyanarayana that can be performed by anyone; not necessarily a priest. It can be done any time and in any place. The results of which are material comfort and spiritual success.

As a part of the puja ritual a series of stories are read which describe some of the experiences of those who have performed the puja. These stories, called the Satyanarayana Katha) are always read as a part of the puja performance. When you attend a Satyanarayana Puja usually the children take turns reading the stories chapter by chapter. It is fun and adds to the family celebration feeling of the puja.

2014 Shri Satyanarayan Puja and Katha Dates

Shri Satyanarayan Puja is performed to seek blessing of God Narayan which is one of the forms of Lord Vishnu. The Lord in this form is considered an embodiment of truth. Although there is no fixed day to perform Satyanarayan Puja but doing it during Purnima or Pournami is considered highly auspicious.

Devotees should observe the fast on Puja day. The Puja can be done in the morning as well as in the evening. However performing Satyanarayan Puja in the evening is considered more appropriate as devotees can break the fast with Prasadam in the evening.
15 January 14 (Wednesday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat - Paush Purnima
14 February (Friday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat - Magha Purnima
16 March (Sunday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat - Phalguna Purnima
14 April (Monday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat - Chaitra Purnima
14 May (Wednesday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat - Vaishakha Purnima
12 June (Thursday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat - Jyaishta Purnima
12 July (Saturday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat - Ashadha Purnima
10 August (Sunday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat - Shravana Purnima
08 September (Monday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat - Bhadrapada Purnima
08 October (Wednesday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat - Ashwin Purnima
06 November (Thursday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat - Kartik Purnima
06 December (Saturday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat - Margashirsha Purnima


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